Sunday, 21 December 2014

Akyaka... and the best day ever

Akyaka... so much to say and I don't know how to say it all. It was indescribable to say the least. There's nothing much by way of grand history here, but it's special nonetheless. 

As it was the tail-end of summer when we were there, it was full of local tourists. Looking out over the beach we saw numerous deck chairs; conical woven umbrellas; and people of all shapes and sizes enjoying sun, sea and surf.

This place is much more than just sun, sea and surf. It is where a stream meets the sea. The Azmak, I believe it's called. It's deep enough for daily boat tours and clear enough for you to feast your eyes upon the rich underwater fauna as well as fish. 

Then there are the ducks who call the stream their home. An entire gaggle of them swimming hither tither in crystal clear waters. 

After the stunning boat ride we had, we sat down to cups of Cay (what else?) plus some nice, cold icy treats while watching the world go by.  

Boats lined-up for the daily boat tours

On our boat with other tourists

Magical underwater fauna

Dear Mr. Duckworthy

...and his gaggle of friends

Para-gliders and sun-goddesses

All decked out

I'd love a little yacht like that

Pretty orange flower

Our dangerously delicious, slightly boozy treats

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