Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Priene. Picture-book of ruins.

Priene. What does one say about this Greek ruin? Well... it's really a lot of ruin! If you have been to one you will understand. There are enormous bits of antiquity lying all over the place in a haphazard manner. All you can do is look in awe upon them, drink it all in with your eyes and then try to imagine what it may have looked like in its glory days.

Once upon a time, this city was also a port, just like Ephesus and just like that famed city this one is now so far away the sea that it is difficult to comprehend the fact. The city is set high up on a mountain and the view of the flat plains below is magnificent. I felt like I was in a picture-book of ruins.

Climb, climb, climb... all the way to the mountain top

At the top, the escarpment of Mycale draws your gaze first

Tear your eyes away slowly and feast upon the valley below

Feast some more

The Temple of Athena


Look at the view again!


Prickly flower-like plants at the edge

Pretty bit of ruin

Super prickly flower

I told you there were lots of ruin lying all over the place

And so you have some more ruin

And more for good measure

Breaking away from the ruins to look at a pine cone

The Theatre and its magnificent stone seats

Where does this path lead?

I wonder what building these arches adorned? 

Ah the fertile land below...

Lonesome half-arch

There was a pomegranate tree somewhere around here

Bye-bye Priene... for now