Sunday, 20 January 2013

The year has finally begun

Someone once said that the new year comes with the gift of twelve wrapped months. January has since been unwrapped of course, and yet it feels like the year has finally begun to me.

All I have wanted to do since Christmas was to clean, clean, clean my room. Today it's finally done, with the help of an Angel. It took an entire day, but it's done. Before I say goodbye to the week before and hello to the one ahead, it is fitting to write something here for the first time this year.

I blessed a great many things and gave them away today. Things with too much sentimentality attached to it, and those with none. Stuffy wuffs, books and decorative items collected on my travels. Of the entire lot, the one I will most miss is a stuffy-wuff named Teddy.

He was given to me by my father many, many moons ago when I was four or five years old. Poor Teddy has been slowly coming apart at the seams (literally) for years. I loathed to give him up, so he stayed in a plastic bag for years. I had one last look at him today. I'm sad. Very sad to let him go, but I must. And so he went.

After a long, tiring day of cleaning, I've had a lavendar bath and lit a candle to remember my mother. I secretly hope that wherever she is, she will see my light and know that I am thinking of her.

Soon, I hope to tell you about the Flapjacks I made during tea break this afternoon. They are really good... and sinful!

In the meantime, goodnight and a pleasant week ahead.