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I'm Ann and I believe everyone has an innate talent. Mine is cooking and baking. My earliest memory of food I could not get enough of is a bowl of hot Nestum sweetened with condensed milk. (Yes, you read that right. I happen to love condensed milk!)

Strangely though, despite the fact that my mother was the cook of cooks in our family circle, it was the Domestic Science classes in school which ultimately gave me my footing in the kitchen. In those days, the classes included both cooking and sewing. No prizes guessing which I preferred!

The first cookbook I owned is called Resipi Harian (Every Day Recipes) the cooking class text book. At the time, it was akin to a cooking and baking bible for beginners. Full of simple recipes and carefully written instructions, it was difficult to go wrong when trying out a dish or two. 

Believe it or not, I still cook from it. It is hard to beat for classics like a Victoria Sandwich, Melting Moments, Queen Cakes, Sago Gula Melaka, Sweetcorn Custard Pudding and many, many more delights. 

Through the years I have developed a great love for recipe books of all shapes, sizes, cuisines and price tags. Some I cook from regularly, while some I just ogle at while flipping through the pages feasting on gorgeous photos. My bookshelves at home are sighing from the weight of them all, yet I lust after more. 

As I work full-time with a well-known retailer, my time in the kitchen is fairly limited with most of the cooking and baking done at night or over the weekends. Sadly, this sometimes produces less than perfect photos as the shots are usually taken at night in poor light or in a hurry. Still, my favourite things in the world are cooking, baking, reading and travelling. I cannot get enough of them. So work I will to fuel my passion. 

The blog started as a way to chronicle my exploits in the kitchen mainly to remember what I made when without having to store all the information in my head (which sometimes behaves like a sieve for memories when I least expect it to!). 

Read my blog, try out the recipes and tell me what you think. 

Much love,

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