Thursday, 1 May 2014

Baker's Gold

I've run out of butter for the first time in many, many years. The freezer - where I keep my stash - is well and truly empty. Horror of all horrors! I'm beginning to have withdrawal symptoms from not having butter around. Why? Because I cannot bake, that's why! What a predicament.

I do love butter. Yes, yes, all skinny bitches say it's chock full of fat. I say *eff* off. I just might outlive you lot. I heard of a little old English lady once who lived to a hundred and when asked how she did it, replied she had a bacon breakfast every morning. Hah! So you stick to your plasticky margarine, while I stick to utterly buttery natural goodness.

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Being a butter fanatic comes with a price (I know I'm not alone). We watch the price of butter closely. When it goes up 10 cents we cringe, 50 cents up we wring our hands in despondence and anything beyond that is just plain daylight robbery.

Where do we buy our precious golden treasure? Baking supplies shops. We get 250g packs for less than what it would cost to buy 227g packs from the grocer. The rule of thumb - for the Australian or New Zealander you head to the baking supplies shop; for the Irish or French you go to your upmarket grocer. Selling price point determines where they are sold.

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We may switch brands... if ever! May being the keyword here, because we have our loyalties and they lie in the direction of specific brands or countries.

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My love for baking means I bake all sorts of goodies imaginable fairly regularly. In my kitchen, different bakes call for different types of butter. For instance, I use Anchor for all types of baked goods, Golden Churn for a rich golden Butter Cake, Kerrygold for simple bakes using very few ingredients i.e. Butter Biscuits and Lescure for French delights. On bread it's Kerrygold all the way.

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Have a look at this article on 30 Great Butters by Saveur. Three of the four mentioned above is on that list.

One last thing - I like my butter SALTED, or Demi-Sel s'il vous plait.