Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pork Cutlets

I woke to a bright sunny morning today, complete with chirping birds and my favourite Strawberry Smoothie. As I was drinking my Smoothie breakfast, I wondered what I should do for the rest of the day. You see, it's not often that I have a whole, empty day of nothingness presented to me. So today was a treasure. 

With all the healthy eating going on with me these days, I thought that it would be nice to have a slightly un-healthy lunch. I also had all that lovely minced pork in the freezer to use up. Since no one in my family has made my grandmother's Pork Cutlets in a long time, my decision was easy. 

Just like the Fish Cutlets, I knew I was in for a long morning of prep in the kitchen. It's unavoidable with Cutlets. You'll understand why when you read the recipe. 

I had them for lunch with a mixed vegetable stir-fry and brown rice. Delicious and very much like I remember from a time long gone.


300g Minced Pork

3 medium-sized Potatoes

Boil, peel the skin off and mash. Set aside.

1 medium Red Onion
2 sprigs Curry Leaves
4 small cloves Garlic

Chop and saute till fragrant in a little Oil. Set aside. 

1 teaspoon Cumin seeds
2 teaspoons Fennel seeds
2 teaspoons Ginger Powder

Dry roast in a pan till fragrant. When done, let it cool for a few minutes, then grind into a fine powder in a dry grinder. Set aside. 

1/3 cup Cashew Nuts

Dry roast in a pan till lightly brown. When done, let it cool for a few minutes, then grind into a coarse powder in a dry grinder. Set aside.

1 Egg, lightly beaten
Salt, to taste

In a large bowl, place the Minced Pork. Add in the ingredients from B, C, D and E which you already prepared. Add a few pinches of Salt to taste. Then with clean hands or a spatula, mix everything together. Once done drizzle in a little of the Egg and mix it through well. You may not need the whole Egg. Only use enough to bind the mixture. Roll into balls, flatten them slightly and shallow fry in some Oil until brown. Drain on absorbent paper to remove excess Oil and serve immediately. 

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