Wednesday, 20 August 2014

It's all a certain kind of madness

My camera is a year old and I don't know what I'd do without it. Interesting isn't it? Considering the fact that for years I never 'missed' having it in my life, it's remarkably odd that in the one year it's been with me I've tried to take it everywhere with me, only stopping short when I remember how intrusive it can sometimes be to others. In my case, stopping short happens most of the time, which sadly enough means lost photo opportunities. 

In the past year, I've also read and re-read articles, blogs and whatever written material on photography I can get my eager little hands on like there's no tomorrow. Some make sense, some don't, but the voracious reading continues, rather more than the clicking!

Then there's the lens lust that has taken over part of my life. Which lens is sharpest, which has the best bokeh, which is best for wide-angle, which is the best zoom, which camera models are best, etc. etc. 

I pored over what seemed like a gazillion articles and photos online to decide on a new lens. It had to be perfect. It had to do everything. So to the shops I went, saw and bought. The new lens is far from perfect and doesn't do everything - obviously - but rather, is just the right fit. For me. 

There is a lot of debate between the Nikon 16 - 85mm and the 18 - 200mm. I tried both as well as some other lenses (which were way out of my budget) at the shop and one thing was clear. I'm not the sort of person who carries a bagful of heavy anything anywhere for any amount of time or reason.  

In light of that, it was Mr. 16 - 85mm that came home with me. He cost a pretty penny, so when I got home I went back to reading and re-reading articles that I'd already read about him just to reassure myself that I'd made the right decision. I've now decided I'm perfectly happy with him (despite his sometimes horrifying bokeh) and so he's staying.

As you can see I then promptly took him into the garden for a spin. Looks like I need a lot more practice. Sigh

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