Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Girls Night In

And so we had our second Girls Night In last Saturday. It was fun! We talked about a lot of things and ATE a lot of things as well.

The menu consisted of Chicken Curry, Tandoori Chicken, Fish Cutlets, Carrots, Rice, some Vegetable Crackers plus Indian Sweets and Watalappan for dessert. The drink of the night was Lychee liquer and tinned lychees mixed together with ice.  

Here are some pictures of the dishes... none of the dessert though as I completely forgot about picture taking after all that food!

Tandoori Chicken

Fish Cutlets

Cari Belanda/Dutch Chicken Curry


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  1. Nice photos. Food was amazing...I was lucky enough to da pau some Dutch Chicken Curry which my husband and I polished off the day after for dinner with some bread slices:D

  2. I love girl's night in so you called it! When girls get together, we can bring the roof down, lots of laughter and sharing! Good for the soul!

  3. Hems - Thanks! I had a good time preparing the food and drinks for the night.
    Veronica - It's nice to hear from someone who enjoys good food and chats with the girls. :-)


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