Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cuzinhia Cristang: Kuih Tat

Delicious beauties

Yes, I made them. After some prompting from SIL. How did they taste? I think I just made my best tarts ever! My friend Mrs. P who was the beneficiary of these beauties said she loved the pastry best, while daughter Miss P liked the jam. All in all I'm a happy tart-maker!

P.S. Of course, some of these beauties went into my stomach, and that way it was kept happy while they lasted.


  1. Recipe, recipe plseee

  2. Gosh! I know a certain Ms H and Mr J who would love to get their hands on those beauties!

  3. Sheila - You can copy the recipe down when you come over on Saturday. :-)
    Hems - Christmas is around the corner. I'm sure I'll make these lovelies again. They are quite nice, even if I say so myself. :-)

  4. HI, may i have the recipes too? my festive seasons cumin soon..i nid badly.. i nid a change of tarts..

  5. Hi Anonymous, could you please leave me your e-mail address? I shall mail you the recipe from the book. Thanks and happy baking!

  6. hi

    please email the recipe at


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