Monday, 15 December 2014

Bostanli Market

Before I get into the swing of all things Christmas, I am going to post all my photos of Turkey. So here's the first lot.

Bostanli Market is the first market I've ever been to in Turkey. We started off with a slow and lazy ferry ride across the Bay of Izmir. It was a day of blue skies, sunshine and a feeling of good things to come.

We took what we later discovered was a long walk to Bostanli stopping to get directions along the way. Once we started seeing people with trolley bags full of fresh produce, we knew we were on the right track.

The market is amazing. I do not know if all markets in Turkey look like this, but this one is fabulous. I've never seen so much fresh produce under one roof before. From sleek, shiny aubergines to sweet smelling peaches, the produce on display was quite something to behold. The sight of all that gorgeousness made me want to have weekly access to it very badly!

View of Izmir from the ferry

Bostanli Market

Sweet figs galore, which I of course forgot to eat before leaving Izmir. Sigh.

A basket of walnuts

Huge heads of broccoli

Grapes in abundance

Picking out vegetables for the week

Perfumed peaches that took my breath away

Itty bitty colourful lady's fingers

Come buy my produce

Try the strawberries, they're lovely

Giant red peppers

Let's go nuts on nuts

Say cheese

The bread of life

Hot, fresh from the griddle Gozleme filled with spinach and white cheese

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