Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Grumpy, cross Miss loves magic

I don't know about you, but when I return home from a magical holiday I usually am the grumpiest, crossest Miss you ever did see! Still, I'm not as grumpy and cross as I can be this time round. 

Perhaps that's because I came home with a twisted foot and so spent the next few days in a drug-induced daze to kill the pain? Who knows? Either way, I'd give anything to wind back time a bit! 

My first day in Izmir was just about perfect. Picked-up at the airport by a very kind person; breakfast out on the balcony - homemade Turkish Breakfast, if I remember correctly; a nice long walk along the seafront in Alsancak; cold, cold ice-cream and then tea (can't quite remember because I was so sleepy I would have fallen asleep standing-up) out on the balcony again and then a nap. 

A nap that turned into sleep! I slept for almost 4 hours and woke at 9.30pm and trotted out to the balcony to find friends finishing dinner. Got served scrumptious homemade Pumpkin and Ginger Soup which I drank from a mug. That made me feel all warm and lovely inside.   

That's all I can remember from the first day. So I'll leave you with some photos of the walk by the seafront. Hopefully they'll titillate you into paying Turkey a visit!

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