Monday, 30 January 2012

Paris 2010 - Square Andre Lefevre and the old old church

So we were walking aimlessly and then I saw this old old building. I was sure it was a church, but we had to walk right round it to be sure and yes it was. Though I confess I still have no idea WHAT church it was.

It was hauntingly beautiful. There is perhaps something very reverent about old old churches. Something that cannot be put into words and yet you feel it all around you when you step into one. It's like a living breathing thing that envelopes you so completely, silences your tongue and gives birth to awe.


  1. Well, the church you are mentioning is actually the Saint-Severin church, which i havent yet seen myself, but will be going back to Paris soon, but found a great place for background information on different attractions in Paris

    1. Hello Julie, thanks for letting me know. We chanced upon it and for some reason I couldn't find a board or sign telling me what church it was. Also, we were there for only 3 days and in a hurry to see as much as possible. :-)


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