Thursday, 28 January 2010

My First Macarons

It was a rainy day in Singapore. My brother S and I were trying to get back to my aunt's without getting wet. We stuck very close to the wall of a particular building, which turned out to be Shaw Centre.

I turned a corner, and guess what? I saw the most beautiful window display ever. It was full of luscious cakes, sugary designs and iced delights in gorgeous pastels. I simply had to go in. With poor S in tow, I searched for the entrance and almost banged my nose against the glass window in my excitement.

My excitement increased when we finally found the entrance and I was greeted by a stupendous display of rainbow-coloured confections. I was speechless! I had finally found them. I finally found French Macarons in Canele. After gazing at them longingly over the internet and in magazines, here they were sitting pretty, divided by flavour and colour.

A quick check at the price revealed an exorbitant figure. I looked away and into the eyes of the salesperson on the other side of the counter and said in a hurry "A dozen, please!".

We took them home to share and had them with black tea. Simply magical. Here they are all colourful and pretty in their box.

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